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The Source of Synergy Foundation organizes retreats, advances and forums that bring together leaders, visionaries, and innovators from diverse fields who are using principles, concepts, methodologies, technologies, and new insights that support the emerging conscious evolutionary movement and wish to synergize their thoughts, energies and efforts in order to become a collective force for positive change.

The Source of Synergy Foundation has co-convened two Global Leaders Retreats with the Chopra Foundation in New York and three Evolutionary Leaders Retreats with the Chopra Foundation and the Association for Global New Thought in California. The Evolutionary Leaders continue to meet in retreat on a regular basis under the leadership of the Source of Synergy Foundation. Click here for 2006-2021 retreat/advance reports.

Rocks on the beach.

Synergy Circles, Synergy Fusion Fests, Salons and Evolutionary Round Tables

The Source of Synergy Foundation encourages the formation and supports the development of Circles, Salons and Evolutionary Roundtables to build upon the synergistic collaborations, insights, revelations and agreements that emerge out of the Retreats, Journeys and other forums, and take them to the next level of engagement.

Synergy Circles

Synergy Fusion Fests


Evolutionary Roundtables

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The Source of Synergy Foundation leads Synergistic Educational Journeys that activate our highest and fullest capacities, expand synergistic engagement and push the boundaries of our current perceptions of reality – of what we know and of what we can accomplish. The Journeys offer unique experiences to connect and creatively collaborate with the transformative energies and higher frequencies of the world’s sacred power places, and to bear witness to global challenges and humanity’s achievements. Along the way we explore innovative solutions that demonstrate how our consciousness, in alignment with the intelligence of nature and the subtle, often unrecognized dimensions of reality, can support personal, collective and global healing. Journey participants emerge transformed and inspired to engage in the most fulfilling, deeply empowered and synergistic work of our times.

Dimock Journey on Hydraulic Fracturing
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Non-Local Journey
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SOSF Journey to Greenland
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Educational Outreach

SOSF supports the creation of brochures, newsletters, audio/video media, CDs, books, films and other communications formats and generates educational outreach on social media technologies such as websites, blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook and YouTube that serve as educational portals to support the collective wisdom that emerges out of the retreats, journeys, forums, synergy circles, salons, round tables and other forums.

Synergy Superstar Awards

Synergy Superstar Awards

This Award is given to extraordinary individuals who Source the power of Synergy to: expand human consciousness, increase our connection with the totality of all and utilize their vast gifts in service to the great evolutionary awakening which sets into motion Potent Forces of creative transformational change.

Synergy Superstars

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