There is a movement gaining force...

We are unifying more and more profoundly across issues, nations, religions, and cultures... This movement doesn’t have a name yet, but we instinctively feel it unfolding... We intuit that something more is possible, something that will unite us more powerfully to impact the world in these urgent times... How can we utilize our collective soul force to move forward and usher in a great leap in consciousness on the planet? Perhaps the answers will reveal themselves when we tap into the Source of Synergy...

News From the Source

Be Part of “Team Hope” by Supporting Refugees from Ukraine

Currently about 2 million refugees have fled from Ukraine to Poland to seek safety. Several members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle formed “Team Hope” to offer their support. Nina Meyerhof and Domen Kocevar, co-founders of One Humanity Institute, and Diane Marie Williams, founder of the Source of Synergy Foundation, as well as friends Christine Burych, Angelika Kobl, representatives of local schools and the Rotary International, did direct service work on the ground at the border, registration centers, train stations and shelters focusing their attention on giving Teddy Bears and art supplies to children, setting up emotional first aid and beginning the outfitting a “House of Hope”.

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