Eve Konstantine, Officer Emeritus

My work over the last 15 years as an international Transformational Leadership Coach traces its true foundation to my in-depth study and training in Yoga Science and Philosophy begun 4+ decades ago. That foundation formed the bedrock and created the context of my world-view, informing all my work since. From being a very early teacher of meditation and yoga, to practicing mind-body, energetic healing modalities, to spending two decades in Washington, DC working on multi-national programs, enhancing inter-cultural awareness and competence, forwarding women's rights and empowerment, and supporting global sustainability issues, my driving credo has always been the fact that we are capable of living from a much higher frequency of consciousness. I aspire to abide by the admonition of the Oracle of Delphi:

“Know Thyself”

Not only is that a tall order, but it is also a wonderful invitation to apprehend the highest octaves of our “beingness.” This is exercising our “VQ,”© our “Vibrational Intelligence Quotient.” It is the understanding that we are far greater than we commonly allow for. By knowing ourselves in our highest and fullest capacities, we can live into a world that comfortably and happily supports and sustains all life, at all times. Our children and fellow living creatures on the planet, as well as the planet herself, shall never want, nor live in fear or lack. Our governance shall be one of equity and parity, and cooperation and collaboration shall be the order of the day, so all manner of genius and gift shall find its rightful place in the beautiful mosaic of all Life.

I am honored to participate in the SOSF* whose mission, in the words of the ancient Greeks, is “Axios!” worthy, right, just and true!