Barbara Layton, Chair

My love of life and commitment to making a difference in people's lives has& allowed the many adventures to unfold thus far in this miraculous life: Honored to be a mother of one beautiful son / Montessori teacher for 15 years / Certified Breathworker spending much time with dolphins who are the sublime masters and teachers of conscious breathing /& Pioneered the whole food / plant based and sustainable food movement, creating Babette's for 27 years - a space for people to experience conscious eating, community, and learning how to make a difference locally and nationally in the political world / Board member of the Wellness Foundation providing cutting edge plant based programs for schools, people with chronic illnesses, prevention, and changing the way people eat for the health of people and the planet / Hospice Advisory Member supporting the well being of staff, families and friends as loved ones make the transition on their life's journey / last but not least I serve as Chair of SOSF - the organization that is most dear to my heart, as we commit to co-creating possibility and to becoming the individuals needed to synergize our collective power. It starts with the simple willingness to show up and the courage to share and grow. Let's inspire the new thinking necessary to meet the world's challenges at this pivotal moment in time.