There is a movement gaining force...

We are unifying more and more profoundly across issues, nations, religions, and cultures... This movement doesn’t have a name yet, but we instinctively feel it unfolding... We intuit that something more is possible, something that will unite us more powerfully to impact the world in these urgent times... How can we utilize our collective soul force to move forward and usher in a great leap in consciousness on the planet? Perhaps the answers will reveal themselves when we tap into the Source of Synergy...

News From the Source

SOSF Journey to Greenland
SOSF Journey to Greenland

Diane Williams, Founder of The Source of Synergy Foundation, traveled to Greenland in July to research a journey project to bear witness to the rapid melting of the ice sheet there that could cause sea levels to raise substantially... and to inspire action in face of the changes that now and in the future will affect our earth and its inhabitants. Read More

 A Call to Conscious Evolution