Jeff Vander Clute, Board Member

The river of evolution has carried me through many stages: from singer-songwriter-guitarist and skateboarder early on to aspiring mathematician and physicist in college, to developer of Internet platforms that amplified the voices of millions and "connected the global heart," to (r)evolutionary investor of Consciousness in transformation-oriented businesses, cartographer of Consciousness-Awareness, and chief wisdom officer cultivating AWAKE leaders and organizations through Sourcing The Way.

For the last six years, I have been investigating, unceasingly, subtle realms of vibration and information. Out of these explorations, numerous Consciousness technologies have emerged that integrate intuitive and more traditionally “Western” ways of knowing. These technologies have been extensively tested and refined through professional coaching and consulting engagements. To give a few examples, I have had the joy of developing “Resonance Mapping” and “Systems Sensing” processes along with maps of Consciousness and Awareness that are used daily to focus the infinite power of Creation on healing and awakening systems. I am equally passionate about deploying these technologies to co-create “radiant enterprises” that succeed by serving the whole of life.

On New Year’s Day 2016 in the Himalayas, a knowingness descended and I understood that my life’s work is to support the enlightenment of 470 million people over the next 50 years. Although how, precisely, this will manifest remains to be seen, I have a strong sense that serving on the board of Source of Synergy Foundation will prove to be a significant step.

Current Learning Edge

At present I am experimenting with a “Science of the Ground,” which seeks to integrate the conventional or “horizontal” science of relationships among phenomena with a new, “vertical” science of feedback between phenomena and the source of phenomena within the Ground of Transcendent Awareness. One hypothesis is that human consciousness is particularly well-suited to develop a mastery of “deep” creation (and re-creation) – which can shift reality all at once from the Source – and that we have hardly begun to explore these capacities. A relevant application of this new Science of the Ground would be the holistic reinvention of human institutions, through “conscious evolution,” to create a civilization that is just, sustainable, and AWAKE.