Eytan Guery, Communications Consultant

“Thousands of candles can be lite from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha

I am from The Hague in The Netherlands and currently doing karma yoga at a healing and meditation center in Italy. Serving a community of individuals that are striving to spiritually evolve has enriched by life in countless ways. This experience has helped me to see the world through new eyes.

I have been studying Buddhism for over 7 years and I believe the quote below sums up my main purpose in life which is simply about getting good at life by maintaining a good heart. What I have learned through various teachings and spiritual practices has helped me in my role as a Communications Consultant with The Source of Synergy Foundation to deepen connections with others striving to create a better world. I feel so fortunate to have found another community that has dedicated their lives to sharing positive intentions, thoughts and messages with people to support the greater good. I am very happy to offer my time, ideas and skills to support this mission to create opportunities for synergy and cooperation among people, organizations and efforts. 

Love Blossoms

When True Love shines in your heart all limitations, all differences and all distractions disappear.

True Love is all embracing and all-inclusive. Love begets love and hatred begets hatred. All the love and all the hatred you experience are born out of your heart. It is the creation of your own heart. What goes out of your heart comes back to you many times over. Let the flower of that true love grow and blossom in the soil of your heart. 

Bhikku Sanghasena