Ann Hughes, Co-Vice President

“It is not a case of survival of the fittest... it is rather a case of flourishment of the most cooperative.” Ken Casey 

As we all know, our planet, species and collective consciousness are in an acute transformation as we face global crises on all fronts. I believe humanity’s solution lies in synergistic, collective and compassionate connection. I am personally inspired by the synergy I experience in Nature, and am an advocate of biomimicry as a template for new solutions. I believe that the synergy of the bee hive as a symbol of this cooperative principle has deep wisdom for humanity at this time. A bee alone is of no value -- it is only when the bee is in “group mind” resonance with the entire hive working collectively that it is useful. My graduate work in world religions and symbols suggested that the ancient world understood this synergy principle. I learned of a strikingly similar ancient language in symbol form at various sacred sites I was studying, suggesting a unified synergy spanning thousands of years and cultures across the globe! I continued to explore this area, and ended up working for a stint with maverick Biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake researching his idea of a synergistic morphic resonance inter-connecting living organisms. I continue to be fascinated with this new frontier, and am now serving as a Director for the Board of the New York Chapter of Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (FIONS) - a group originally started by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell - whose mission is to support our species’ transformation through research in science, consciousness and human potential. 

Prior to my work in ancient symbols and consciousness, I spent much of my early career learning about the role of synergy in the public and private sectors - The White House Office of Media Affairs, Turner Broadcasting, The History Channel and Nickelodeon International. At Nickelodeon, I was exposed to the inspiring and powerful force field of our world’s young people. Since then, I am forever a youth advocate, and believe that their innate joy, creativity, and curiosity will help us co-create innovative solutions to our current crises. It is a personal mission of mine to educate and empower our young people, as well as to encourage inter-generational synergy. I am engaged in a few youth projects, including serving as a Director at Kid Spirit Online, a global platform for youth to express themselves creatively through writing, poetry, photography and art work. I am also a United Nations Representative for the NGO, Academy for Future Science, where I focus my work on youth synergy. We produced a youth event at the RIO +20 United Nations Conference on Sustainability, entitled “Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Environment.” Additionally, as an Executive Council Member for The NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns NY(CSVGC) I advocate greater youth participation at the United Nations. I am optimistic that greater synergy between generations at institutions like The United Nations and others can create a powerful energy for a sustainable and peaceful world!