2006 First Retreat of International Leaders

Dec. 12, 2006

The year prior to the incorporation of the Source of Synergy Foundation, founder Diane Williams and Deepak Chopra, President of the Alliance for the New Humanity and founder of the New York Chopra Center, agreed to partner on organizing a retreat at the Chopra Center in New York with global leaders in December 2006.
The aim of the International Leaders Meeting, which was held on December 12, 2006, was to promote unity and cooperation among more than 50 diverse organizations that share a common sense of responsibility to address and respond to the challenges we face as a global family. One key question that was discussed was:
What are some practical ways that we as leaders can tap into our collective and infinite source of inspiration, potential, power and possibilities to foster deeper global connectivity to address the world’s most pressing global concerns with a greater and more profound sense of unity, consciousness, energy and awareness?
As a result of this retreat significant connections and partnerships were formed.  The participants requested that we organize a follow-up retreat in six months.
Deepak Chopra and Diane Williams, in collaboration with future Source of Synergy Foundation Inc. board members Ashok Gangadean, Deborah Moldow, Judy Martin, Gerard Senehi, Emily Squires and Nina Meyerhof, SOSF Advisory Board Member Desiree Hurtak, and Katherine Katsanis of the Chopra Center, organized a Half-Day Retreat of Global Leaders that took place on June 26, 2007.